A young boy looks up into the sky and wonders what it feels like to fly and escape the boring life in the farm. He spots a pale blue object in the distant horizon. The boy realizes that it is a hot air balloon and is about to land in the grassfields near him.


The young boy immediately runs to the docked hot air balloon and sees a well - dressed man fixing his floating ride. Luckily, the man is kind enough to let him ride.


As the hot air balloon lifts up into the air, the boy's excitement is replaced by a sense of peace and calm. He stares into the vast horizon appreciating the sight and feel of being up in the air.


The well dressed man decides to head back and land into the grassfields. The boy hugs the man as a sign of gratitude. The man said to the boy that he will be back and the boy watches the hot air balloon disappear into the sky blue horizon.
rocket Landscape with trees and cows
planet cloud cloud cloud cloud
Blanchard's air balloon cloud cloud cloud